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Welcome to our 2019 season. We all hope that you had a very Happy Christmas and offer our best wishes for a happy, peaceful and healthy, if belated, New Year. As you will see from the Activities programme, link above, our 2019 events have been finalised and dates established. Hopefully these will stand, but from time to time Service requirements etc. dictate that amendments have to be made but you will of course be duly informed.

At this stage I would draw your attention to the first meeting, when the speaker will be Mr Robert Avery OBE and his topic ‘Reflections on the Russian Navy.’


All organisations which hold personal data, including SANO, are now required to obtain the consent of their members to holding their personal data.  By paying your subscription to the Association you will be presumed to have given your consent that the Association may hold your data (name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address and subscription payment details) in order to send you by post or email communications relevant to the Association. Your data will not be shared with anyone without your consent.  You are entitled to see your data at any time and to ask for any changes to be made or errors to be corrected.


At the Strategy meeting last November, the EC discussed developing a culture of expectation to serve on the Committee. We would be delighted to hear from any member who thinks that they could rise to the challenge!


Joe Kirk, our Treasurer, will be standing down at the forthcoming AGM after many years of loyal service. Thank you Joe! 

We are delighted to welcome Lt Cdr David ‘Dusty’ Miller RN who has very kindly offered to take on this role. Dusty was co-opted onto the Executive Committee as Treasurer Designate at the last meeting, with confirmation as a committee member to be effective at the AGM.


At the 2020 AGM Bob James will be standing down as Newsletter Editor when he will have completed a 10 year stint in the post. He would be pleased if anyone interested in this position would make themselves known to him or any member of the Committee.


The Association extends its thanks to Lt Cdr Pat Saunders, who has for many years served as our Webmaster. Pat stood down at the end of last year. We are indebted to Lt Joe Kirk who has swapped his hat and taken on this very important task. You will find the SANO Website link at the top of every Newsletter.                                                                                                                 


Although Lavinia was not a member of SANO, nonetheless she was a very well respected officer known to many ex members of HMS SUSSEX. Lavinia served in the Division along with her husband Surg Lt Cdr Mike Barley.                                          


HMS Queen Elizabeth and Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth met for the first time in mid Atlantic.

Queen Elizabeth to Queen Elizabeth: