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Joe Kirk, SANO Treasurer advises that this, courtesy of CONA, may be of interest to some of our members regarding a Year Of Engineering 2018 Open Day on Friday 28 September 2018 at HMS Raleigh:-

"I had some difficulty extracting full details from the message below, but on enquiry, the e-mail address for application forms is on the poster (?) – or if that doesn’t work try  If neither of these work then please let me know and I shall try to establish another way.

Details of the day are within the application form but are essentially as below:

0915 – 0945 Guests arrive and directed to WO & SR Mess

1000 Welcome Brief

1015 – 1230 Establishment Tours (Phase 1 Accom, SM School. Gym, Fire School)

1230 Buffet Lunch in WO & SR Mess

1330 – 1530 Witness POP (I assume meaning Passing Out Parade rather than any reference to SANO members)

1530 – 1730 Debrief in WO & SR Mess

1800 All guests to be clear of the establishment

 I haven't located mention myself but would assume that usual requirements re photo ID and car details will apply. 

If you need any further information then please let me know."