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We are approaching the time of the year when the SANO Committee decide the following year’s programme of events and visits for 2019. This one-off meeting is held in November and I mention it now because any ideas for lectures, speakers and special guests that you have in mind would be most welcome. Our Secretary Ray, would be delighted to hear from you.
On a recent visit to Australia we commend Ray for visiting Lt Judy Duncan RAN, one of our long-standing members (see below). It is encouraging that our membership is holding up well. We appear to be having a regular influx of new members.
The Book Review that I have included below was written by one of our members, Lt Cdr Gwilym Roberts RNR.



The Next Event is the Lecture/Lunch on Saturday 17 November. (1100 for 1130). The cost is £22 per head and applications should be with the Secretary before Monday 12 November.



SANO has pleasure in welcoming 1/O Elisabeth Alder WRNR 19/7/60 Elisabeth joined as a Wren Radar Plot. 27/6/63 Promoted 3/O WRNS. Joined WRNR, HMS SUSSEX 1979 Promoted 2/O and subsequently 1/O WRNR and in 1980 transferred to WESSEX (CINCNAVHOME) and served until retirement in 1989. Membership of ARNO, Britannia Association, and Association of Wrens.


SANO's current Treasurer, Joe Kirk, announced (at last EC meeting) his intention to stand down at the 2019 AGM and therefore we are seeking a replacement. Any member interested and willing to take up this appointment should contact our Secretary, Ray Wright.



Engineering Hitler’s Downfall – The Brains that Enabled Victory by Lt Cdr Gwilym Roberts CBE FREng FICE FIMechE RNR

Over the past few years I have become increasingly aware of the amazing technical inventions and developments that British and allied scientists and engineers made during the Second World War – and also the speed at which they were developed and introduced. Examples include radar, the Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft, the 400 plus new airfields built in the UK, Bailey bridges, the new generation of escort vessels and light carriers, the Mulberry harbours and the atomic bomb – and I firmly believe that without these we would almost certainly have lost the war.
I was delighted when Admiral the Rt Hon Lord West agreed to write the Foreword which includes the following observations:

“... this tour de force, which will enthral both layman and expert ...The author highlights the many stunning achievements that assisted the course of the war in our favour...Roberts reminds us that the Battle of the Atlantic was highly technical and despite the bravery of those seafarers, it was won through the most innovative ideas and extraordinary schemes and inventions. The magisterial span of this book includes the vital contribution of women at war and the crucial improvements in medical science.”



Our SANO Secretary, Ray, called on Lt. Judy Duncan RAN (Ex Sussex RNR) in Sydney. Judy is not so mobile these days but as sharp as a button and wishes to be remembered to all her former colleagues at HMS SUSSEX. She has the honour of flying the SANO flag in the far flung outposts of the Empire, being our most distant member.



Everyone knows that Admiral Nelson commanded the British fleet at Trafalgar. But who commanded the French and Spanish forces?







Sat 17 Nov


Lt Cdr S Bellamy

Operation Pedestal



There have been one or two sinister items in the news recently about potential hostiles sniffing around UK and European submarine international communications facilities. It is perhaps interesting to note that on August 5th 1914 the British cable ship "Teleconia" dragged her grappling irons in the mud of the southern North sea and disabled German cables from Emden to Brest, Vigo, Tenerife, and 2 to New York - 5 hours after the declaration of war. Later the same day an RN light cruiser severed 2 German overseas cables off The Azores. (Neville Dutton)

Best wishes, Bob