Sussex Association of Naval Officers

Application for membership
I wish to apply for membership of the association. 

 If accepted, I agree to abide by its Rules and to do my best to further its aims and objectives.

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Profession or business


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Data protection: Members’ details are recorded and used for membership purposes only.
Please return to the Membership Secretary after completion:
Cdr Neville Dutton RNR, Ryley Cottage, High Street Loxwood, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 0RD.

JK/PS 24.9.2014




From: Neville Dutton, SANO Membership Secretary
Ryley Cottage, High Street, Loxwood, Nr. Billingshurst, West Sussex. RH14 0RD
Telephone: 01403 753074

It would be extremely helpful if you would indicate how you came to know of the
Sussex Association of Naval Officers (SANO) by ticking one or more of the boxes below,
and returning this sheet with your application form, or by email.
Many thanks,

1 Information/Introduction from a SANO member
2 Information obtained from Service or other information points,
e.g. club / association directories
3 From the Sussex Association of Naval Officers’ (SANO) web-site
4 From listings or notes in publications, e.g, ARNO Year Book
5 Daily Telegraph, Social section, report on Trafalgar Night Dinner
6 Advertisement / ‘flyer’ in yacht club or similar
7 Any other source (Please state)